Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sponsor Preview: Childup Early Learning Card Games Review & GiveawayI

Our family plans on homeschooling and now that my son Logan is almost a year and half I have been thinking about getting a head start on his education! He is a little sponge, taking in everything from the world around him and learning new things constantly. I was excited to have early education tools dropped in my lap for review ( and to give away to my readers too!) by the ChildUp Team of early childhood development experts and dedicated parents who have been providing information and solutions to parents who intend to raise successful, balanced, and happy children for the last 6 years.

ChildUp has developed a series of educational tools for all parents including the Early Learning Game Cards and the Early Learning Applications which I was able to review.

The ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards are a series of interactive and educational tools developed based on educational research from the last ten years for caregivers who intend to develop, by playing in an interactive way, the learning, cognitive and social skills of their children. These cards are appropriate for children ages 1 - 5. I was sent:

The hope with these cards is that your child will learn to count to 10 and then 20 in a matter of months while also encouraging development of language and vocabulary skills as well as animal identification.
Even though Logan is just beginning to learn numbers he was very fascinated with the cards and the symbols on them. I believe that a child learns repetition and symbol identification even before they learn meaning, so although I know Logan doesn't yet understand what it means to count, I know he will benefit by becoming familiar with the symbols. He already knows many of the animals so he enjoys pointing them out to us. Watch him play with the cards in this home video:

There is more to these cards than just pictures of animals and numbers. There is information about the animals, the ChildUp company, and their Early learning Method. These cards help the child learn but they also help the caregiver to become a better teacher.

ChildUp also has applications for your mobile and tablet devices. We just bought our iPad and I think it is so useful with children of this generation. Logan is only 17 months but it took him less than a week to figure out how to slide open the screen lock with one little finger. I was absolutely amazed. He loves the iPad app and he enjoys hearing the animals and he even gives the screen little kisses for the animals. How cool is it that our kids can use these apps to hear the actual sounds of ducks, dolphins, and dogs?! He knows how to push the buttons for the noises or to go on to the next animal already. In the numbers section we are working on just learning 1, 2, 3, but there are lots of advanced options for once your child advances in their math skills. My only criticism of the app is the voice that says the numbers is a little robotic and could be more child friendly. I'm also not a fan of the voice's echo. Watch this video of Logan learning to navigate the app with his daddy:

You can download their apps for free and get started now!
Early Learning Applications

This app helps children learn the first steps in addition, as well as the names and real sounds of 80 popular animals.
80 Animals to Learn for Preschoolers with Sounds and Landscapes!

We really enjoy using these cards. Logan often asks for them now. I know we will get years of use out of them. The EarlyMath application is also great for on the go. We used it during a long car trip to help with Logan's restlessness of being stuck in car seat. It made our life so much easier!

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