Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review & Author Interview: Sharon R. Sents & "...Well, You Know What My Momma Would Say!"

This is the perfect mother's day gift, and a great value buy for a gift that will mean a lot to any mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother! Sharon shares sage advice passed on to her over the years from her own mother, advice that was passed down through generations and that she found herself repeating over the years.

There are four blank pages at the end of the book for the reader to write down the things their own mother said to them growing up. This would also be a great place to write down a letter to your own mother before giving her a copy, to let her know which of her lessons taught as a mother have been most important to you.

The kindle copy is also a bargain right now! Download and read the funny and heart-warming stories in the book to your kids and discuss the practical applications of biblical scripture. Or make time to sit down and read this with your mother on Mother's day. No doubt she will have stories to share of thing her own mother said to her.

I interviewed Sharon about her book for this review and here is what she had to say:

Kaeli: Who is this book intended for?

Sharon: " All audiences across the spectrum! I said these quotes to my co-workers on several occasion when appropriate. One gal said "why don't you write this down!" That started my creative juices flowing. Then one Sunday from the pulpit I heard a familiar saying of mommas : "if you don't work you don't eat." I didn't realize it was scriptural!
Momma didn't do a lot of personal sharing with me growing up, and I can't recall ever seeing her study her bible, these things were said while she was busy doing other stuff. The scripture was never a part of it, but it blew me away and made me think to realize and hunt for the things in scripture that related to what my mother told me. I don't think my family was aware either of all the biblical relations, but someone in my family had to of learned the scriptures to pass this advice on. I was amazed at how so many of the sayings fit! When I shared this book with my mother after writing it, she just said "..well, that's just what my momma would say to me!"

Kaeli: What would you like readers to get from this book?

Sharron: "For mothers, I would like them to get the importance of talking to their children about the practical application of scripture. Sometimes children need to hear the scripture in a conversational off-cuff way to actually hear it and then they will know it by heart when you go back later and show them how it fits with scripture. My own daughter shared a story with me about a tiff she had with her husband when she had used a familiar saying: "if it were a bear, it would have bit ya!" and laughed at how much she sounded like me, her own mother! The realization shocked her, and we had a good laugh about it.
For older folk, I want them to have the enjoyment of recalling pleasant memories of their own Mother's wisdom. I also want people to have the chance to learn scripture bit by bit in a practical way."

 Kaeli: You talk about doling out your mother's wisdom on more than one occasion to co-workers; any specific events you can share?

Sharon: "When my co-workers got grumpy and used a harsh tone of impatience, I would often tell them: "You catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar."

Kaeli: Which of these bits of wisdom do you find yourself sharing most often these days?

Sharron: "I share with my grandchildren the quote about not doing a half-hearted job. I tell them we expect them to do their best in all things, even if their best isn't straight A's."

Kaeli: What reactions from friends and family have you gotten since the book was published? 

Sharron: "My oldest sister who is 85 was so excited she acted like I had just birthed a new baby! (Laughs) In her small town she had it placed in the library, and shared it with friends, as well as the local newspaper who ended up running a quarter page ad for me! My siblings bought copies for their kids, and their kid's kids! My brother has purchased 16 copies! My son-in-law's mother who lives in Scotland and another of my sisters are reading one lesson at a time to their church groups. The reaction has been wonderful!"

Kaeli: Any last words of wisdom you forgot to include?

Sharron: "There were lots of other things momma said that didn't relate to scripture, but I wanted this book to focus on scripture and the many situations in real life that the sayings apply to for everyone, not just Christians. A friend suggested to me that this book would also be great for sharing God's word with non-Christians. I also wanted this book to be small and gift sized, so it can be given and used in lots of different ways."


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