Monday, May 14, 2012

Potty Time DVD + Music CD Review and Giveaway

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Potty Time DVD + Music CD by Two Little Hands Productions. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the DVD.  It is more than just potty training video which makes it good entertainment to put on anytime. The woman who hosts the DVD, Emmy-nominated Rachel Coleman, is energetic and engaging and she had no problem capturing my toddler's attention, at least in spurts. If you are going to use this DVD to introduce your toddler to the potty, you may want to fast forward a little if they have a short attention span. Children in the middle of potty training will probably love to watch the whole thing. There is a lot of positive reinforcement and they get to see other real kids modeling the behaviors you are trying to teach. There are videos of families as well as animated children and an adorable animated frog. Working as a nanny I have seen other potty training videos and this one is the most useful I have seen.

I was surprised not only by how much signing there was, but by how well they young kids in the video did with the signing. It gives me hope that my child can learn it. We began signing a few things with Logan when he was about 6 months such as "more" and "all-done" which he was able to sign back to us at just over a year. It helps to know that signing already works with my child as I head into using  this DVD. Logan is just at the age where introducing these signs now will pay off as he heads into potty training hopefully in the next year. My hope is that if he learns these signs he can helps tell us when he is ready to start using the potty. I was excited that even after watching the video once, I was able to remember a lot of the signs myself.

Potty Time supports any potty training method by helping children:

Listen to their bodies
Stop what they are doing and go to the bathroom
Celebrate their successes
Deal with accidents in a positive way
Appreciate their amazing bodies

The Potty Time DVD and Music CD teaches the potty routine along with signs that children of any age can use to talk about growing up, using the potty, and celebrating successes of all kinds. Signs are especially useful for potty training infants and toddlers. It is 30 minutes and includes special features.

The Potty Time CD features 9 original songs, with a sing-along track for each! These playful and positive songs help children feel good about their bodies and celebrate successes of any kind. This is great for taking on the go in the car, because as most parents know, there isn't much good listening for little kids on the radio. A fun CD goes a long way in helping a little one get through a long car ride. I think that if Logan gets to know these songs he will be excited about singing them with mommy as he learns to go potty, making it a fun learning experience and not something scary. 

The Potty Time CD included the following songs:

Potty Time Theme
Look at You Grow
My Body is Amazing
Potty Dance
Stop What You're Doing (and Go)
Uh-oh Accident
Let's Celebrate
Shining Star


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  1. I learned that there's a Potty Time App!!

  2. I sign with both my girls. My 2 year old knows TONS of signs. I can't even list them all. She started at about 7 months and learned "more" first. Then "eat", "drink", and "dog" came next. It just exploded from there. My 9 month old just signed "more" for the first time tonight! So exciting!

  3. I learned that Potty Time works with any potty training method you choose.

    colljerr at comcast dot net

  4. No we do not sign but it interests me.

    colljerr at comcast dot net

  5. I have been doing signing time with my daughter since she was 7 months old and we still watch them and she is almost 3. This is one dvd that I don't own so It would be great to win it!
    The potty time teaches kids to sing and dance and use the potty!

  6. My daughter is almost 4 and we've been signing since she was about 6 months old. She knows about 100 signs.

  7. Rachel Coleman does the signing time and potty time.

  8. It uses song, dance, and sign language to encourage "potty time".

    Kelly L

  9. My daughter has been signing since she was 18 mo. She is now 2 and a half knows over 50 signs.

    Kelly L

  10. Sophia knows the sign for more, but that's about it.

  11. I learned that "In recent years, Two Little Hands has expanded to offer curriculums, teacher resources and training opportunities to educators, caregivers, and parents around the world." Very impressive.

  12. We do not sign but I really want to start!


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