Thursday, May 31, 2012

Secrets To TuTu Making Success Review

I recently got the chance to review Next Chapter Learning's course on how to make TuTus: Secrets To TuTu Making Success.
This is a super easy craft to master and you will be able to make fabulous looking tutus in no time. Whether you are a mom or grandma of girls, someone looking to start an Etsy business, or someone looking to make a hand-made gift for a friend, this course will teach you everything you need to know about making all sort of tutus. Check out this video with samples of all the tutus you will learn how to make!

Buy it! If you don't win but still want to learn here is where you can order your DVD course on Secrets to TuTu Making Success, and pick up a free lesson!

I don't have any daughters myself, though I hope to one day, but I was still really excited to review this course. I decided to make matching hot pink and black tutus for one of my former bridesmaids that has just had twin girls. I knew she would love these and if I had leftover material I could make one for my possible future daughter, or even make a few to sell in my Etsy shop Two Little Sea Stars, which offers a variety of baby items.

I decided to watch the tutorial on making a tutu with a ribbon tie at the back, that way my friend could adjust the size of the tutus as her girls grow for maximum wearing time. The manual that came with the video was really helpful in helping me determine the size of elastic band I needed as well as how many yards of tulle would be necessary. One thing I learned was I definitely should not have bought tulle off a bolt, but in convenient rolls which you can find at craft stores. I could only find the right pink on the bolt though and didn't want to take time to order it online, but looking back I wish I had as it would have saved me a lot of extra cutting time. The course is full of useful tips like these that make making your own tutu projects fun and easy.

Another great tip I can share with you is putting the tutu around your leg while you are attaching your tulle. It kept tension and held my work in place and I was able to sit and watch TV while I worked (my favorite kind of craft project is one you can do in front of the TV!) The manual had some great bonus features as well, such as how to make a tutu wand, a tutu headband, and how to add embellishments such a ribbons or bows to your tutus. I took my leftover scraps and turned them into matching hair bows, adding corker ribbons (another bonus from the manual) using some of my hair bow knowledge from another great Next Chapter Learning Course, Secrets To Bow Making Success. See my previous review of that DVD course HERE.

Here is my final creation:
My TuTu for a 6-12 month old

I added a bow in the front!

The top of the photo shows the tie in the back

My matching hair bow done with scrap tulle
I really hope to have another excuse to make tutus soon. I love the section of the DVD on no-sew jean skirt tutus and I really want to try an empire waist tutu dress. The tutu onesie would also be a great baby shower gift for another friend. As a bonus, you'll also find suggestions on Halloween costumes you make with tutus, which I hope to do someday. Making costumes saves so much money! I recently got on Pinterest (Follow me!) and found some other tutus I really want to try as well:


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