Thursday, May 3, 2012 Review: Shop out of season and save! recently provided me with the chance to review one of their costumes. I generally only think about costumes in October, but I have a friends who buys "dress up" clothes at garage sales year round, so I thought it would be fun to play dress up in May for this review with a costume that will most likely still fit come Halloween.

For the review I selected the Yoda Toddler costume. We are really excited about the idea of family themes for Halloween and are looking forward to being characters from Star Wars this fall. I think I will have to get some fun Star Wars action figures for Logan to introduce him to the film series, which is loved by our whole family. I selected Yoda for Logan, as I am sure my husband will want to be Luke, or possibly Darth Vader. They have quite a selection of costumes from Star Wars for the whole family, so I am sure we will order the rest of our costumes from them. Possibly soon, since I like to shop out of season and save money. I always buy new decorations at the 75% off sales after each major holiday. I will be Leia for sure, and I was really glad to see that has a non-sexy version of Leia, unlike the only version I saw last year in stores that had a large slit up one leg. If that is your thing, they have that costume too, sometimes sexy is great when you are young, but for some of us, not after kids! They also have the Princess Leia gold bikini costume which is very sexy. I also like that they have plus size costumes available. For my husband who will be either a Jedi or Vader, there are choices that cater to every budget from simple Jedi costumes at around $40 to deluxe costumes $60 and up. Accessories are also available such as light sabers and Darth Vader voice machines. There is even an adorable Yoda costume for a dog!

Personally I think Halloween costumes in general are overpriced, but I think Costume Discounters prices are fair, especially considering the time and money it would cost me to attempt to make my own versions. I am not bad with a sewing machine, but I could never master Yoda ears or a Darth Vader mask. We probably will switch off making or inventing our own costumes with purchasing ones online every other year to save money.

Here is what I  LIKED about the Yoda Toddler Costume:

      This costume is super soft and fuzzy, perfect for a little one with sensitive skin! I also think costumes like this one will provide plenty of warmth for chilly Halloween weather. Some costumes can be too skimpy or lightweight, so this is great for addressing one of my mommy concerns. The length was not to long as to have to worry about my toddler tripping. The Yoda head piece is also very soft and secures with velcro under the chin. It was neither too loose nor too tight, and Logan did not want to immediately tear it off, a big plus!! I think that will also help keep my baby warm and I won't have to think about a hat. The biggest thing I liked: my kid just looks so cute in this costume! Check him out:

Here is what I didn't care for about the Yoda Toddler Costume:

There are just a few downsides, nothing major. It didn't come with pants so I will have to buy or add brown pants, but those are a staple color for toddler sweats and shouldn't be hard to get. The ears did seem a little more floppy in person than demonstrated in the product photos, but this is again a pretty minor issue. It is missing Yoda's signature white wisps of hair, which I'm sure that is just an aesthetic choice by the company to keep the costume "cute" for little ones (or avoid having choking hazards perhaps). The sleeves were a little long, which is true to the original character but my toddler kept pushing them up. That is the only thing that seemed to bother Logan, though minimally.

Over-all this is a great costume, and Logan looked like he was having lots of fun running around our house in it. He gave us all a good laugh. He is sure to be the cutest member of our Star Wars family come Halloween.

***Please note that I received no form of monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a sample of the product to try in order to write a fair and honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and were not influenced in any way.  ***

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  1. Very cute!! I have a friend and we were just plotting what her young son should be. I'll be sure to direct her here!!


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