Friday, September 23, 2011

Goat's Milk Infant Formula Recipe

Some of my friends and family are aware of my son's dairy allergy and I wanted to make this information available to my readers or anyone looking for more information on meeting the dietary needs of an Infant with MSPI (Milk Soy Protein Intolerance) and/or food allergies.

We first noticed the following signs to indicate that my little kiwi might have a food allergy or intolerance around 3 months:
  • Irritability/Colic
  • Excema around face, chest, and hands
  • Rashes around mouth and anus
  • Unexplained sleep disturbances
  • Other common signs
We had another friend with an MSPI baby and she suggested cutting out dairy, the number one food allergen, from my diet to eliminate it from the breast milk Logan was receiving. There is also an elimination diet that moms can try that eliminates all allergens and slowly adds them back. I would have tried it if the problems continued. After removing dairy from my diet we saw a dramatic change, enough to indicate that dairy was the main problem and I didn't need to continue eliminating more allergens. For those who are curious, I did eat dairy my entire pregnancy. I am also encouraged to have found information indicating that Logan may grow out of this intolerance in time.

When I began weaning from breastmilk altogether we needed to decide what to supplement Logan's diet with. We did experiment with formulas available to confirm that he would not be able to tolerate Dairy based formulas. We tried all the special made formulas for babies with dairy allergies and Logan absolutely refused to eat them, even mixed with breastmilk. I have long trusted Dr. Sears and Sears and my resourceful The Baby Book and found information about using Goat's milk on their website.

With the support of our pediatrician and after doing much research about the amount of calories needed, how to balance the proteins, fats, and carbs correctly, and additional additives for baby's health, we decided on this recipe that we began using around 8 months. The basis for this recipe come from

Goat's Milk Infant Formula Recipe: (1 day of formula)

40 oz Infant Mixing Water
8 scoops (32 oz worth) of Powdered Goat's Milk
1 quart Fresh Pastuerized Goat's milk
8 oz Infant Mixing Water (we add extra water to dilute the amount of protein)

2 TBS Organic Brown Rice Syrup (carbs)
1 day serving of Infant Multivitamin (adds essential Iron and Folic Acid as well as other vitamins)
1 tsp of Organic Coconut Oil (fats)
1 tsp Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (fats)
1 dropper Baby DHA (fats)
11/2 Scoops Baby probiotics (for aiding in digestion and to mimic live cultures found in breastmilk)
(If constipation is noticed you can also add some molasses, we just offer apple juice on occasion)

**Please consult your child's pediatrician before adapting your child's diet, this is for informational purposes only**

Logan has responded vary well to this diet, he is well within normal growth ranges for his age, sleeps much better, has clear skin, regular bowels, 6 teeth, and is always smiling! I am glad information like this was available and hope others find this useful.


  1. I have been looking all over the internet and in every organic shop to find a good Goat Milk recipe. My son Alen has had problems with EVERY formula that the PEDS recommend since birth. (I was unable to produce any breast milk.) Turns out he is allergic to cow's milk and soy. I hope this works. He is just 2 1/2 months old and is under weight.

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