Saturday, September 3, 2011

Artisan Feature: Holly&Sage

If you are looking for a great accessory for that new outfit, head on over to where you will find Holly&Sage, a handcrafted jewelry boutique. Owner and artist Holly Beck, inspired by colors and finding unusual ways to use beautiful things, likes to ask "what can I make with that?"

Bracelet made of buttons
Holly discovered jewelry-making in 2007 when a co-worker showed her the jewelry she had made. She found herself laying awake at night thinking of wonderful color combinations for her co-workers jewelry. With a few basic tools and tips from her peer she was off and running, exploring a wonderful outlet for her creativity.

After marrying her husband and moving to a new location, jobs were scarce and Holly turned to jewelry full time. She opened Holly&Sage in March of 2010 on where her success has blossomed.

One of Holly's imaginative creations is her "mommy necklace" which she sent me to review. Using cotton or hemp cord and a natural stone pendant, Holly strings together a necklace that can withstand the tugs of a toddler in mommy's arms. In my opinion the mommy necklace by Holly&Sage is more stylish than any other plastic mommy necklaces out there.

When I put mine on for the first time my little one was immediately focused in on grabbing and playing. He had already broken one of my favorite necklaces in the past so I haven't been wearing much jewelry. I enjoyed the chance to accessorize once more. The cord on the necklace is adjustable up to 30 inches so it gave in to his tug and I never felt tension on my neck that would lead to breakage. He liked to chew on the stone, but I wasn't so sure about him grinding his teeth on a hard stone. I think with younger infants who don't have teeth yet, the stone would be fine to suck on which my baby sometimes would do instead of biting down. He loved to play with necklace even if I didn't let him chew it and I enjoyed that he had a reason to stay in my arms since he is usually quite independent.

The lepidolite stone necklace Holly sent me is the most popular of her mommy necklaces, her best selling item in the Holly&Sage shop.

In addition to working in the home, Holly also has another Etsy store, Restashable, with supplies, vintage items, and recycled paper envelopes like the one that my invoice came in. Holly also has a frugal living website where she offers great tips on living for less. While Holly would one day love to support herself with her jewelry business, for now she tells people "I don't make jewelry so I can sell it; I sell jewelry so I can make it!"

Visit Holly&Sage at:

      Enter to win this beautiful wrap bracelet, a $20 value, from Holly&Sage in the 
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