Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Artisan Feature: Affordable Wonders

Affordable Wonders is an online retail shop and an Etsy shop featuring the creations of Cristina. Cristina opened her shop about two years ago when she was running out of places to store her creations and people to give them to. Affordable Wonders has become quite a success since then, enabling Cristina to help provide for her family and stay home with her kids. After being medically retired from the US Army, Cristina feels she has regained her sense of purpose again. I want to say thank you to Cristina for her service to this great country of ours! 

Cristina's favorite things to work with are merino wool, beads, and crystals, and she makes a variety of products with them. Her most popular item is an adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse-inspired Diaper Cover and Hat set. She sells the crochet pattern for the set as well. Her shop consists mostly of knit items such as hammocks and outfits great for photo props, blankets, and clothing. Cristina sells the patterns for many of her items as well, so check those out if you are a knitter or crocheter yourself like I am. Knitters, you can also find stitch makers in her shop.

In addition to the Etsy boutique, the Affordable Wonders website offers tutorials, artist profiles, Cristina's blog, additional products, and more. Visitors to the website can also find tutorials from her customers, and you can sign up to keep current with the latest from Affordable Wonders.

A darling creation from Affordable Wonders

Other than her knit items, Cristina mostly creates beautiful Beaded Hair Ornaments in the shape of flowers and butterflies. I was sent this white beaded hair ornament to review. You can see from the photo its relative size compared to a dollar bill. Affordable Wonders
does take custom orders but expect a few weeks wait as the beads are imported. Cristina has some great suggestions for the many ways this accessory can be used. Many customers request a corsage wrist band be attached so it can worn with ribbon for prom. They are high quality and can be used for weddings or other formal occasions. 

I enjoyed tucking mine into an updo for church or a date with my husband. I like that it is attached to a longer bobby pin which helps it grip my fine hair. The bead work is exquisite and up close I could not spot any flaws. The flower is beaded with wires and can be bent for slightly different looks. Cristina offers other colors and sizes in her shop as well. My one critique is the I'm not a fan of the green stem. This was probably a choice to make it look like a real flower but I think it distracts from Cristina's amazing bead work. I think if asked Cristina would be happy to use a different color to wrap the stem.

Visit Affordable Wonders at:


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Enter to win this beaded hair accessory, a $20 value, by Affordable Wonders, 
in the North Carolina Artisans Event


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