Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Artisan Feature: Jewelry by Jennifer Pride

JPrideJewelry also known as Jewelry by Jennifer Pride is an Etsy studio featuring jewelry supplies and handmade jewelry by Jennifer. Between jobs, Jennifer returned to an old hobby while looking for something to keep herself (and her hands) busy. A North Carolina native, Jennifer has always had an an eye for design and her imagination drives her creations, as she says "I'll be strolling along in the bead shop, having already picked out what I came for, and I'll see something that I have to have because I immediately see it for what it can become. My Peruvian Pink Opal earrings are a prime example. I saw them at the last minute, but what I saw was not a bowl of pink beads. I saw a beautiful pair of earrings: soft pink paired with pale blue-green."

With a background in geology, Jennifer knows her stones, so if you are looking for something specific Jennifer would relish the challenge of a custom order. In her shop you will mostly find pieces made from semi-precious stones, glass, crystal, silver, and copper. All are one-of-a-kind, one of the great things about shopping at stores like these on Etsy. Jennifer tailors her items to appeal to those who like simple and understated as well as those who like their jewelry bold and funky.

She sent one of her pieces entitled "Cafe Vienna" to review. I love owning a one-of-a-kind piece of handmade jewelry that will really stand out. I also love that this necklace has a story behind it. Made with silver, copper, tiger's eye, bronzite, and carnelian, this necklace was part of a giant bead swap called The Bead Soup Blog Party. For more information, check out Jennifer's blog. When I saw this necklace, it's colors reminded me of fall and I can't wait for the change of season. I was so inspired that I went out and bought a new blouse to go with it. This necklace is such a statement piece with its asymmetrical cluster of large beads on one side that I had to find a simple top so it would be the center of attention.

Between going back to school, Jennifer enjoys keeping her hands busy and is most rewarded by the act of creation itself. Her goals for her shop are to make enough to support her desire to create and possibly make a little money too. Some of the other great pieces that you can purchase at Jewelery by Jennifer Pride are her Peruvian Pink Opal Earrings: faceted square "pillows" with light blue celestite & sterling silver; or you can find a Beaded Braided Necklace with over 2000 glass seed beads hand strung and braided, secured with a silver clasp. One of the most popular items in her shop is an owl cut from paper sandwiched between glass in a memory frame, with coordinating paper beads. Hurry over to find other great pieces that you can call your own before they are gone for good.

Visit JPrideJewelry at:

Enter to win this unique 16" milkglass & howlite necklace with pewter caps and sterling silver, a $45 value, by Jewelry by Jennifer Pride 
in the North Carolina Artisans Event


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