Friday, September 16, 2011

Artisan Feature: Gifting Girls

As a Celtic-inspired store, Gifting Girls features the creations of first generation Irish-American  Shannon. Shannon was influenced early on by the creativity of her mother whom she watched sew and draw. Inspired by childhood summers in Ireland and England, Shannon shares a piece of her heritage with each piece she crafts; many of her pieces include coins she brought back from those summers. Visitors to Gifting Girls will find will find a great selection of cuff-links, jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings, and pieces for the home including drinking glasses and door-hangers. This a great place to find gifts for groomsmen, father's day, graduation, and St. Patrick's day celebrations. Gifting Girls ships its products worldwide.

Shannon got her start creating her cuff links when she transformed a pair of coins into a Father's Day gift for her own dad. Among Gifting Girl's cuff links you will find Celtic crosses and knot work, nautical and pirate inspired pieces, and authentic coin cuff links using coins no longer in circulation. Since many European countries now use the Euro, these coins are becoming a novelty. Best sellers include 3 Pence cuff links that have the Irish Hare and 6 Pence cuff links with the Irish Hound. One of my favorite items is a pair of heart shaped Celtic knotwork cuff links. Shannon even includes Celtic knotwork history in the item's listing description. Gifting Girls also has special holiday items, so be sure to check back often for new things. Looking for something specific, like a specific country or year? Shannon would happily takes custom orders. Shannon's day job is in Customer Service so you can count on her to be a good communicator!

Shannon sent me an Irish One Pound Coin Necklace from Gifting Girls to review. The authentic coin is polished and attached at 3 points to a 22 inch chain and adorned with a clover charm and a green beaded charm. The clasp is a star with swirls and a slip-through clasp. I think this necklace is very fun and unique, and while I don't have any Irish in me I would still find occasion to wear this, maybe layered with some additional chains for a fun look. My sister-in-law who loves all things Celtic and often participated in Scottish dancing would love to borrow this necklace for attending a festival. I am also sure to wear it on St. Patrick's Day! This is a great necklace for anyone, but specifically for someone wishing to express their Irish heritage.

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Enter to win this pair of Celtic Knot Cuff Links, a $24.99 value, from Gifting Girls,
in the North Carolina Artisans Event 


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