Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Artisan Feature: Snuggly Monkey

Snuggly Monkey Co. is an Etsy.com boutique featuring the creations of working mom and entrepreneur Claudia, who gets her inspiration from her daughters and her love of bold, bright colors. Visitors to Snuggly Monkey Co. will find a variety of great items including retractable ID badge holders, gift tags, coil baskets, and creative playtime toys
Woven Coil Basket - A popular Easter item.
Retractable ID Badge

Snuggly Monkey's biggest sellers are Ouchie Pouches – kid-friendly cold/hot packs inside changeable washable slipcovers. Claudia sent me the cute monkey fabric one here to try and review. The Ouchie Pouches are filled with 100% organic flaxseed and can be stored in the freezer for cold therapy or microwaved for heat. They are also available in lavender scent if you would like to add some soothing aromatherapy. Mine was much bigger than I thought it would be, measuring 6 inches in diameter. I love flaxseed as an alternative to chemical fillers. If the bag ever tore a seam, I could just re-stuff and mend as opposed to having to throw away a leaking chemical pack. Though chemical packs may stay cold longer, with an Ouchie Pouch I don't have to worry about wrapping an icepack in a towel to avoid giving my child freezer burn. I also love the idea of telling my child to let the monkeys make his ouchie feels better!

Right now, I'm using my ouchie pouch to relieve aches as I wean from breastfeeding my baby. It's the perfect size. Claudia told me she recently took an order for several Ouchie Pouches to be handed out as party favors. Since she takes custom orders, I'm thinking about getting some for my baby's first birthday. Claudia even offers wholesale pricing for large orders! I also think one of those ID badges would make a great stocking stuffer for my husband who wears a badge to work everyday.

Claudia would one day love to support herself full time with her crafting business but for now she feels rewarded in living out her dream and the amazing feeling it is to have someone pay her to do what she loves. As she says, "Isn't that what we are all looking for - a job where we get paid to do what we love?" For now she hopes to take Snuggly Monkey Co. to the next level by participating in arts and crafts shows and she hopes to open a studio as well. If you live in the Durham/Chapel Hill/Hillsborough area of North Carolina and are interested in private sewing lessons, Claudia hopes to start teaching in 2012 through her studio. Keep an eye out for great things to come from Snuggly Monkey Co.!

Visit Snuggly Monkey Co at:



Enter to win an Ouchie Pouch in the fabric of your choice, an $8 value,
from Snuggly Monkey Co. in the 
North Carolina Artisans Event 


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