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Star Wars Jedi Adult Costume Review, Light Saber not included, neither is The Force. recently gave our family the opportunity to review one of its costumes from the ever so timeless George Lucas Star Wars movies. We chose a Jedi costume for my husband to review since we had thought of doing a family Star Wars theme for Halloween, which is just around the corner! I can't believe summer is slipping away and fall is blowing in the back door. Pictured above is my husband, Jess, in a Jedi costume,which retails around $36 but can be bought at Wholesale Star Wars Costumes for less than $33. Light Saber sold separately. I think he looks quite handsome. I plan on going as Princess Leia with our 22 month old sporting a cute little Yoda costume. The costume is very light polyester and includes pants with attached boot tops, a tunic, and belt. While it is not the exact Luke look, it is a cool Jedi concept outfit. It could be worn for theme events, Halloween, conventions, or just the occasional Star Wars viewing party. Comment below if you've ever tried to watch them all (all 6, old and new) at once and let me know how far you got (I'm just curious!).

Rear view of the costume.
 Here is what my husband thought of his costume: The material is very thin polyester, and as someone who appreciates realistic costumes, a lightweight cotton would have been much better and closer to the movie, polyester can come off as kind of shiny. The shirt fits about as well as advertised, I am a size 42 jacket and I could easily see this fitting up to the advertised limit of size 44 Jacket. The pants seem to be for a shorter than average individual. At 5'8" I'm not exactly what anyone would call tall and the average height of an adult male in the United States is 5'9".  In order for the attached boot covers to sit on top of my shoes I would have to pull the pants pretty low on my hips, and I'm not going for a gangster look here. On top of that, I wear about a size 10 shoe, about average for a US male, and a good 3 inches of them stuck out past the boot covers.

Though the picture on the package seems to be of an average adult man, I would say that the standard size (for a 44" size jacket) is really more for a 5'5" person at the most, perhaps a preteen who may still want to go Trick-or-Treating. The costume is also available in XL and I would be interested to see if that fit better. Wholesale Star Wars Costumes has a no-hassle return policy and you have up to 10 days to return the item without a fee. You can also print a prepaid return label but they will take $5.99 off your return credit. You can ship it at your own expense for a full refund of the purchase price. I am happy that I could return or exchange it if I wished. Most temporary Halloween stores that set-up in our area usually have an all-sales-final policy.

One other note on this costume: on the package picture, it shows a long piece in the front of the shirt that hangs down almost to the knees, but on the actual shirt there is a split that starts at waist level, and there is no flap at all, so without some alteration, this costume is not exactly "family friendly" if worn by an adult man. Younger adults headed to an adult only party may not feel as self-conscious as I would at our annual trunk-or-treat at church. I feel as though I would need to find some other pants to wear and that doesn't really make me a satisfied costumer. If you are the kind of person who buys instead of makes a costume, you really prefer to be set, with the exception of shoes, upon purchasing an advertised full costume.

Jess uses "the force" to put away our clean dishes. :)
**Please note: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I did however receive a sample of the product. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and were not influenced in any way.

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