Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pintersting: One of a Kinds and The Stories Behind

Currently for sale one-of-a-kind at Two Little Sea Stars
 I love to make one-of-a-kind pieces for my Etsy shop, Two Little Sea Stars, and for friends and family. Right now I am working on a purple set of booties with flowers on the toes and matching hair clips. Much like a current coral set featured in my Etsy shop. I love that there is always a story behind each one-of-a-kind, and I wanted to share a few of those stories with my readers.

This is my friend Morgan's daughter, who is about to turn 2 and about to be a big sister. I loved trying out this flower block pattern for her baby blanket I sent her. Happy 2nd birthday Hollyn!

This set I exchanged with another vendor at a craft fair this past Christmas for a set of pink skull earrings to wear to Logan's "Lil' Rebel" themed first birthday. She was really excited about giving them to a friend.

This was my second granny square blanket, my first is pictured above. I made this for my friend Ashley's first son, because she choose such unique colors for his nursery. I remember her husband accidentally washed it and when I came for a visit and to meet her baby, I spent some time making repairs.

This blanket I made for my friend Sara's daughter Grace. Sara lives in Chicago and I miss her so much!

This I made for Brittney, my business partner at Two Little Sea Stars. She did a beach themed nursery for her daughter, Ava Grace, and this is one of the items that inspired us to start our business.

Before I had my son I worked for a wonderful family as a nanny. Madison is one of the sweetest baby girls and her parents Brian and Nicole have been a huge blessing to our family, giving Logan many of Madi's baby things. This hat was one of the many ways I have gotten to say 'Thank You'!

While I was pregnant with my son I made him several items. This hat and the two sweaters below.

My husband loved the hooded jacket I made my son so much, he asked me to make him one too. After 13 months, I finally finished it, don't my boys just look so cool?!


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