Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Post Theme: Pinterest

I'm starting a new catagory! I want to be able to share some things on pinterest as well as post some inspired projects that I found on pinterest!! Here are some crafty things I'd like to share and then keep scrolling to see my first Pinterest project! Be sure to follow my boards too!

 This week I'm sharing some hand-made cards I've done! One of my favorite home-made gifts is to take blank cards and add nature photos I've taken with some colored cardstock backgrounds and then give them to a loved one so they have a stock pile of card for any occasion!

Here's my first Pinterest project:

My Inspiration  

My Completed Project:

I did my box double sided, with my own take: "30 Blows!" on the other side! I used granola bar boxes, wrapping paper, tissue paper, grosgrain and sheer ribbon, a hot pink pencil hot glued to the card and box, and then stuffed the bottom of the boxes with tissue to give the suckers something to stand on. My girlfriend loved it! Happy 30th Sarah!

1 comment:

  1. Your project is so cute! I would be happy to receive a gift that someone spent so much time on to make so pretty :)


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