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I have a big announcement that may shed some light on why you haven't seen much on my blog the last few weeks. I have been struggling with morning sickness! That's right! We are expecting our second little kiwi in February 2013 and I am cracking open my favorite book on pregnancy, What To Expect When You Are Expecting! I am excited that the plural from my blog name will finally be true as I will have two little kiwis when Logan becomes a big brother. We used this photo of the 3 of us to announce our news to our family: 

So part of this first trimester is awful morning sickness for me. I was sick with my son too, so I saw it coming but it is different this time as I hear each pregnancy usually is. For one, I am gagging at everything! Opening the fridge, walking into the pantry, brushing my teeth, and trying to down the many vitamins and pills I need to take. Pre-natal vitamins are a must (as the great book will tell you!) and I had no trouble with them before I became pregnant, but as soon as morning sickness kicked in the huge pills became a dreaded daily chore. If you are like me at all, or have trouble swallowing your regular daily vitamin, you will be as excited as I was to hear about our sponsor!

Vitalah gave me the opportunity to review their first line of products: Oxylent Vitamin Drink Mix. I was sent a pre-natal version which is approved by the American Pregnancy Association. Vitalah was started by world traveler Lisa Lent who brought us Oxylent after beginning her search for the perfect health supplement for her busy, active life.

 "Oxylent is made exclusively with Albion Minerals, and has received Albion’s Gold Medallion, which recognizes products for excellence in mineral fortification.Research has shown that Albion’s chelated minerals exhibit superior absorption over common mineral salts. Oxylent is the only effervescent multivitamin product to be awarded the Albion Gold Medallion". 

 I was so excited to have one less pill to swallow! I had no idea that a drink version of a prenatal even existed until partnering with Oxylent. They also make other multivitamin mixes for adults in several flavors and a mix for children and I received a few samples of them as well. I like that they have a children's mix, which also has no sugar, because my son is still too young to take even the gummy vitamins. A few other powders I have tried for him are too bland and I have to hide them in food. And sometimes he doesn't want to eat what I prepare him, which results in a vitamin wasted. This mix is berry punch flavored and I can put in his juice cup with some water, which I know he will always finish off. My husband tried the regular vitamin mix and said it was a lot like juice and didn't have the aftertaste of some mixes or the bitter aftertaste of swallowing a vitamin pill. I am really enjoying this vitamin mix, it has a great cranberry raspberry flavor and mixes easily into warm water to which I add ice for a cold drink that also keeps me hydrated. I also like that it is sweetened with Stevia so there is no added sugar and it also has no artificial color, flavor, gluten, lactose, or caffeine. I love that it has B6 which is known to help ease nausea as well. It takes me a while to drink anything so sometimes I have to get a spoon and stir in the last bits at the bottom to make sure I get all the good nutrients. I don't mind though. Sometimes I take it on the go in a water bottle and then I can just shake to redistribute the mix if needed.

I was really curious at how the nutrients compared to the vitamin I was taking and here is how the nutrition information breaks down:

It has less Iron than my other vitamin but I like that, because I have also had some constipation (sorry for the TMI!) and less iron should help ease that a little. It also has twice the IU's or mg of many of the other nutrients in my current pill. My current pill also has no B6, Chromium, Potassium, or Magnesium. This looks to be the better supplement by comparison, at least to me.

More great health benefits about Oxylent:

OXYGENATES: The enzymes, SOD and catalase, work together to promote the conversion of toxins into oxygen and water.*

HYDRATES: Important electrolytes control the balance of fluid in the body. They are also important for muscle and nerve function, blood pressure, movement of nutrients into the cells, and the removal of waste product from the cells.*

CIRCULATES: The amino acid L-Arginine promotes healthy blood flow, which significantly improves circulation.*

REJUVENATES: A full range of B vitamins support adrenal health, and immune and nervous systems. Powerful antioxidants in the form of CoQ10, vitamin C, bioflavonoids and are also included.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

I will be giving one lucky reader a copy of What To Expect When You Are Expecting, as well as an Oxylent gift pack valued at $55 that includes a camelbak water bottle, a box of Prenatal Oxylent and some other goodies. 

 BUY IT NOW: Visit Oxylent.com!

Use Discount code: TOPOXYLENT
20% off entire order and free shipping with order of 2 boxes or more!

Every purchase helps to support Vitamin Angels: a global organization that provides under-nourished children with nutritional supplements. They reach 24,000,000 children in 43 countries including the US.

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Please note, I was not compensated for this post. I did receive a sample of the product. All above opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way. Kaeli's Kiwis is not responsible for the delivery of the prize.


  1. The Vitamins for me and the book for my friend I have to have liquid or chewable vitamins because of a stomach issue

  2. I searched online and Tidal Creek sells it. HOLLA!

  3. I never realized Iodine played such and important roll in proper thyroid function. Good to know.

  4. I would like to win for me.

  5. I hate swallowing my prenatals...I want to win this for me! :)
    Jenn Spencer


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