Friday, March 23, 2012

Pinteresting: Activity for Toddlers

My son is a bust little guy and he really likes anything new. I thought he would enjoy another take on filling and dumping, a typical toddler activity. Here are a few of our inspirations via Pinterest:

These are two lists for toddler activities both of which can be found under homeschooling on my pinterest page.

Attempt 1:

So first we tried an idea about using a soda bottle with the top cut off and a hole for retrieval, that didn't work to well. He just wanted to dump them back out the way they came not reach in and get them.

He thought is was fun for a little while, but I thought we could make something better.

Attempt 2:

We used an old puffs canister, and this added the element of opening and closing the lid as well. This was a big hit.

Happy Toddler!


  1. you are such a good momma! Come visit us!?!?

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  3. Awww that's the pictures! New follower from Drop It Like It's Hot Hop....

  4. That was fun!! I like puffs bottles so much! Another idea I found on pinterest was to tie pieces of fabric together and then stuff them in a plastic wipes container. Let's babies pull and pull the stuff out without a huge mess :)


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