Monday, May 9, 2011

Hines Happenings: Trip to Charlotte and Strawberry Picking

 While my darling husband visited Boston on business recently, the kiwi and I went to visit his Grandparents (my husband's folks) in Charlotte, NC. We had a really great time and it was nice to have the help taking care of the baby while Jess was away. I also don't like being home alone, especially at night (I'm a bit paranoid) so that was also good for my sanity. We miss Jess terribly when he is away from us but absence does make the heart grow fonder and I think it helps a marriage to miss your spouse a bit :) Here are some highlights from our trip:

We stopped to see Logan's Great Grandma sing in church on Easter Sunday
"Swimming" in the "pool" for the first time

Spending time with the Grandparents
Strawberry picking
 We had so much fun picking berries and it took so little time, even with the baby, that we decided to take daddy on mother's day weekend. Here are our beautiful berries from picking with daddy:

If you've never been picking it is a great way to support your local farmers and it took us less that 20 minutes to pick these berries, they were so plentiful. Here is more info on picking your own produce in North Carolina.


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